Finally, This is What Healthcare Should Be
Are you frustrated with our current healthcare system? Are you tired of conventional methods that mask symptoms with pills and temporary treatments?
Are you tired of never getting answers as to why your symptoms never really go away?

It’s time to take a different approach. 
Get answers to what's keeping you from optimal health and begin living your healthiest life! 
Find Out How Healthy You Really Are
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 Includes a Comprehensive Blood Lab and Consultation

Has a doctor ever told you your labs "look normal"...
But you still suffer from symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, unexplained weight gain, digestive issues, joint pain, or other symptoms that make you miserable? 
It’s easy to fall into the misconception that blood testing is reserved for illness only 
We want to let you in on a secret.
Healthy people are getting blood tests regularly (even if they feel well!) This allows them to be proactive and prevent disease before symptoms appear.
We make it simple
We make it affordable
Stop jumping through hoops with your insurance company. Our simple process allows you to get the labs you need without pre-approvals or denials. Oh, and did we mention that you'll pay up to 92% less than what you'd pay WITH insurance?
Here's What You'll Get...
Comprehensive Blood Panel
$800 value
  • Our comprehensive panel includes more lab tests than the standard wellness panel to give the best picture of your overall health
  •  Test reveals: liver and kidney function, cholesterol and triglycerides, adrenal stress, hypoglycemia or insulin resistance, vitamin deficiency, mineral imbalances and more
  •  Get results back in as little as 48 hours
 In-Depth Lab Review
$250 value
  •  Results are reviewed by our Functional Medicine practitioner with over 20 years of experience
  •  Get more insight into your health than you've ever had before
  •  Finally connect the dots as to why your symptoms never really seem to go away
Custom Recommendations
$50 value
  • Sit down one-on-one with our knowledgable health coach to get all your questions answered
  • Find out what supplements you should begin taking based on your results
  •  Know exactly what steps to take next to start improving your health immediately
Get all of this for only $149 ($1100 value)